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Alien Queen

Utwory wykonawcy:


Awaken in a panic Confused and soaked in sick A pain inside your chest Heat burns behind your breast And the ribs crack Blood flows black Flesh now rips Tears now drip Chestburster You cannot catch your breath You're only moments till dea...


The second stage It slithers awake Twisting inside Its fingers writhe The ovomorph opens slow Like a macabre flower unknown From within the black It now attacks Hugged around your face Lungs can't stand the strain Forceful insemination M...


The first stage Laying in wait Semi-dormant Panspermia sent Perverted birth Not from this Earth Alien egg Spread like a plague This lifecycle It's born to kill Flawless evolution Lawless absolution Unknown horror Waiting terror Dea...


Deep within the hive A horror to the eyes Swarming metal insects This is where they're bred Monstrous breeding ground Ungodly grinding sounds Cannot hope to live Mankind cannot win These twisted creatures Unearthly features Spawned from th...